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SUPPORT OUR TROOPS! [Dec. 26th, 2004|04:39 pm]
I support all of our troops that are over seas right now and I hope that you do also
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End Of Summer [Aug. 13th, 2004|03:14 pm]
[mood |bouncybouncy]

well i know that summer officialy ended on monday but my summer will end on sunday when my pool closes. it is guna suck because i have met so many great ppl this summer, aimee, stephen, andy, sarah, chris, man i could go on and on. yeh i enjoyed working woth everyone that i worked woth, there might have been a few that i didn't get along with but over all it was a great summer. yeh school started and thatreally sucks because i really don't like school well i have to go and get sticks for percussion
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HELL YES! [May. 17th, 2004|08:54 pm]
[mood |happy as all hell]
[music |Atreyu]


As you should know, Pat Blackburn has been leading the Chandler wing of the 3BC. Well he went to a city council meeting the other night and he's happy to report that the council unanimously passed a measure to appropriate $75,000 to cover design costs for a concrete grindpark! Community input meetings will be held soon, in which riders will tell parks and rec what they want in the park. I'll let you know when those meetings will go down. Now listen skaters and inliners: The council wants to make this a bikes-only park. That's not because of the 3BC and the riders that have been working with us. From the beginning, we have advocated that the park should be mixed use, just like we advocate that the existing concrete parks should be mixed use. It looks like that with a lot of cities, they just can't seem to figure out that bikes, skateboards and inline skates can use the same park. Well, what can ya do? Maybe they'll realize it when they're arresting skaters in the bike park, and in the same breath, arresting bike riders in the skatepark. At this point, we're finally getting some bike-friendly concrete, so I can't complain. Thanks to all the riders, parents and supporters that went to city meetings to make this happen, and special thanks goes to Pat Blackburn, Leslie Saturday, Dave Taylor, Tyler Coleman, Matt Rich, and Shawn.
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(no subject) [Apr. 12th, 2004|03:26 pm]
[mood |annoyedannoyed]

dude check out the new SLIPKNOT masks they are sic

'Vol. 3:  (The Subliminal Verses)' photoshoot - February 2004 - Houdini mansion, LA, CA - photo credit:  Neil Zlowzower

O yeh it's friends only now so leave me a comment and maybe I'll add you
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